Paid Search

Ensure your business is one of the first things a user sees when visiting Google. A great way to enhance search visibility should a businesses’ organic ranking be less than desirable.

Location Targeted Ads & Geo-Fencing

Target specific area(s), based on GPS coordinates, where a businesses’ ideal clientele work, live or play and target people
who visit these locations for up to 30 days with ads, regardless where they go online. Have an unlimited number of ‘fences’ that can stay active for any period of time including specific
periods for special event targeting. We even report on the foot traffic that came to your location after visiting the respective ‘fences’.

Behavioral Marketing

Use a mixture of tactics to place the right display or video ad in
front of the right audience, at the right time – virtually regardless of where they are online. We offer the latest, proprietary tools with unmatched capabilities in targeting, reporting & cost. Target based on location, day-part, competitor info, and any demographic/psychographic profiles you desire.

Targeted OTT/CTV

We reach the most OTT devices available and allow Video/Commercial content to be delivered to TV-connected devices i.e., Roku, FireTV, Apple TV, Playstation, Xbox, etc., as well as Smart TVs. Target online video/commercials based on location, behaviors, and any other demographic profile.

Targeted Email Marketing

Take advantage of our partnerships that hold the world’s largest email databases and send custom emails to target audiences with a guaranteed open rate.

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